SC Arena (SRB) vs. Warsaw Diamonds(POL)

Pitching game was strong for both teams as we're  scorless after two innings. Veronika Puciova drives in the first run of the game with an RBI single (1:0). Arena with a couple of squeeze plays put some pressure on the Diamonds defense, resulting a 3 - run lead (3:0). Woman of the match so far, Kimberly Petrovich, drives in another runs for serbian team, then scores herself. Sara Markovich with an RBI triple sets the score to 7:0 for SC Arena after the third inning. Extrodinary baserunning by Veronika Puciowova and RBI stand up double by Lindsey Schubert increases the score gap to 8:0. The match ends with walk off inside a park homerun by Teodora Simeonova. Final score SC Arena 10: Warsaw Diamonds 0.


Mladé gardy 2918, Most
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